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Advanced Quick Order

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Latest Version : 1.0.5

Magento Quick Order Advanced Form by MageCoders is one of the best magento extensions to increase customer satisfaction. Using this 'quick order form' extension, your customers will be able to quickly search for and find products on your store without browsing through a hierachy of categories.

Using a simple ajax order form, your customers can input part or all of a product name or sku to find a product and add the item to cart, without ever browsing off the main page!

This magento quick order form is an excellent extension for allowing your customer service department to walk a customer through making an order. Quick Order by MageCoders will also enhance the overall shopping experience for your customer by adding a simple, intuitive way to purchase any of your products.

The advanced version of quick order is built to support configurable products. It also has an intuitive lightbox feature that is very appealing for your customer. Additionally, the advanced version of quick order has multi-store support.


  • Ajax search and auto-suggest to find products
  • Automatically suggest item by typing a few letters or sku number
  • Add multiple items to cart in few clicks
  • Limit number of results shown in list from admin panel
  • Secure and cross browser compatible
  • No coding skills required to make it live
  • Backend configuration to set products filter from admin panel
  • Limit the number of input boxes for quick order form, configurable from admin panel
  • Works flawlessly with product name or sku
  • Simple and clean installation
  • Custom icon on frontend -- easy on the eyes
  • Attractive lightbox feature
  • Multi-Store Support
  • Add Quick Order Form in CMS Page / Static Block
  • Multiple Visibility filters to search products in frontend for quick order

Supported Product Types:

  • Simple (no custom options supported)
  • Downloadable
  • Virtual
  • Configurable

Server Requirements:

  • Latest iOnCube Loader required to run encrypted files

Release Notes

Version 1.0.1
  • Multi Store support added to display products in search suggestion for specific stores only
  • Added fix for product add to cart.
  • Added multiple configurable products support with configurable option
  • Interactive lightbox support
  • Backend configuration to change Quick Order form styles
  • Product Filter by Store views
Version 1.0.2 Fixed Issues:
  • Removed out of stock products from search results
  • fixed image thumbnail loading issue
Version 1.0.3 Fixed Issues:
  • new item row append issue
  • image loading time fixed
Version 1.0.4 Fixed Issues:
  • Autosuggest issue fixed
  • Product result not returned when SSL enabled issue fixed
Version 1.0.5
  • Added feature to display quickorder form in cms page or in static block
  • Added Multiple visibility filter for products to display in autosuggest
  • Multistore product filtering
  • MageCoders InfoTech
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    Mon-Fri 10AM-8:00PM IST

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